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Supreme Motorcycle

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Auto Service

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We are pleased to announce that the supreme motorcycle and auto se rvice and the lupus SK Societys show and shine BBQ fundraiser is still a go for June 27th in Hafford SK.

I'm sure by June 27th everybody will be in the m ood for a good party so come on up check out some cool rides watch some awe some biker games have a cold one in the beer garden and listen to our local bands Duke's Under Fire and The Bros G


If y ou have not heard the news

S upreme Motorcycle and Auto Service

with the

Lupus SK Society

are having their second show n s hine/barbecue fundraiser

with added



We wi ll have

t he wiener bite,

the keg roll,

and the slow run

It's only $25 to reg ister for the bike games and $25 to register for the show and shine.

Both registrati ons INCLUDE one of our fam ous

homem ade elk burgers and pop.


Yes once again we will have our

homemade elk burgers

as well as our local awesome bands

and a

beer garden



R egistration starts at 11 a.m.,


100% of proceeds from thi s event will go to the

Lupus SK Society.< /em>


I f you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact my wife Heather a t 306-491-2650

< span style="font-family: courier new, courier; font-size: 18pt; color: #ff9 900;">Any other questions give me, Larry Dale a shout at 306-491-3877


Th ank you for taking the time to read this and we really hope to see you all there